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The Trip

People talk about the "trip of a lifetime". Well, this one qualifies. The basic trip shown in the map below
is a 45 day cruise on the Holland America ship Volendam carrying about 1350 passengers.
We flew first into Hong Kong and spent two days there and then to Singapore for three days
before joining the cruise. And what a cruise with visits to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong (again)
Shanghai and Beijing in mainland China, South Korea and Japan. And then to top it off, we took a
north Pacific crossing to Kodiak and Sitka in Alaska. The Inside Passage cruise shown on the map
is a lie - we were never close enough to the coast in daylight to enjoy the inside passage.

First Leg: Hong Kong - Singapore - Hong Kong

We flew into Hong Kong from Toronto - fifteen and a half hours - and stayed in Hong Kong for two days.
Then we flew to Singapore and spent three days there before picking up our Holland America cruise on
the MS Volendam, a smallish ship of 1350 passengers. The cruise was actually three cruises taken back-to-back.

In some places on the map you will see two names. Mostly these are the names of the ports that give access
to the cities. In South Korea, they are the Korean names and the English names for the same city.

You can either click on the map or use the links provided in text below.
To see our second visit to Hong Kong, you have to use the text link.
Or, you can use the Hong Kong link on the second leg map below.

01 Hong Kong  02 Singapore 03 Koh Samui  04 Bangkok  05 Sihanoukville, Cambodia 
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam  07 Nha Trang  08 Da Nang  09 Halong Bay - Hanoi  10 Hong Kong  Again

Second Leg: Hong Kong to Kobe, Japan

11 Shanghai    12 Suzhou   13 Beijing   14 Jeju, Korea    15 Busan (Pusan) Korea
16 Nagasaki   17  Kobe & Osaka   

Third Leg: Kobe, Japan to Vancouver

18 Mount Fuji    19 Tokyo    20 Hakodate  21 Kushiro   22 Kodiak   23 Sitka


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