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I have tried to answer the most common questions on this page but there always seems to be one thing Iíve left out. So please feel free to at if you donít see your questions listed here.

Your Security

Iím nervous about ordering over the web. Security: All transactions are through the Paypal which has a few million users. One benefit is that I never see or store your credit card information. Another benefit is that they offer insurance for most transactions. Paypal accepts most credit cards, e-checks, and if you have a Paypal account Ė Paypal payments. I use Paypal for all transactions, including my own purchases on the web.

All transactions on this site go through Paypal. What that means is that I never see or collect or save your credit card information. Believe me, I donít want the responsibility.

Now how can you tell if you are really using Paypal and not being ďspoofed.Ē The address bar will read:

Now on top of that, if you order through Paypal your transaction is essentially insured by them. (Which is also good for me.) I havenít had a single case of fraud in the years Iíve been selling on the web, but it is nice to know that your information is protected which is why I continue to use Paypal as do 190 million other customers.

Any questions about this Ė please feel free to email me at


An unfortunate part of the internet is the "appropriation" of photographs and their subsequent use without the owner's permission. In proper society, this is called theft but on the internet it seems to be "free use". In order to discourage those who would like to just take my photos, the larger versions are watermarked with an X and a copyright notice. These will NOT be on your photos! The watermarks are too much trouble for the average internet user to erase and thus render most of my photos useless to them.

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I don't do framing. It's a specialized area all of its own. But aside from that, the problems of packing frames for shipment, the increased cost, the increased risk for breakage - particularly the glass, make it impractical for me to frame my prints for you.

You basically have two choices. You can visit a local store and purchase a frame and then frame the photo yourself. I do this using frames from Ikea or Michaels. Just be aware that Ikea frames are metric and don't match the common North American sizes. But, they do come with a mat so you can immediately mount your photo and hang the framed result. You need a mat. The mat or the window mat keeps the photograph off the glass so that the emulsion doesn't stick and maintain the quality of the print. If you are going to frame it yourself, then you should probably purchase your print from me complete with the mat.  I use only bright white mats. More information is provided on the Framing page of this site and with the sheet of instructions that comes with every print.

Your second option is to take your print to a framing store and have them mat and frame your photo for you. It will cost more money but it gives you control over more options - the style and colour of the frame, the colour and texture of the mat, whether you have a multilayer-multicolored mat etc.

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If you chose a matted print, the print will be attached with archival tabs to acid free backing, and a 4-ply pure-white bevel-cut window to show off the print nicely. Matted prints are signed and dated in the lower right hand corner. Both matted and unmatted prints will have a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Mats are white only. If you already have a frame with a correctly cut mat, then order the unmatted print.

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Print Sizes

"What sizes are available?"
Prints are normally available as 5"x7" or 8"x10" or 8"x12" or 11"x14" or 12"x18". These should satisfy the needs of most homes and offices. Why these sizes? These are what are available through commercial professional printing houses. And in most cases these are the sizes that ready-to-use frames will accommodate. So if you order a 5"x7" print, it will normally fit an 8"x10" frame with a precut mat. Likewise, an 8"x10" photo will fit an 11"x14" frame and an 11"x14" photo fits into a 16"x20" frame with a precut mat.
The 8"x12" and 12"x18" sizes give the print the dimensions of the original photos which are in a 2x3 size ratio. Commercial frames with precut mats will NOT show the full image of the 8"x12" or 12"x18" photo but the photo can be repositioned within them to be shown as you best like.
If you like IKEA frames, then be aware that they come with precut mats (so order an unmatted photo) that are NOT in the usual North American sizes given above.

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Larger Prints?

"I would like a larger print, say 20"x24" for a prominent on a wall. Can I get the bigger sizes?"
Yes, provided the original has sufficient detail to print at the larger sizes. Since these larger prints are special order, they may take a little longer to ship.

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"I would like to use one of your photos as a gift. Is it possible that you send it directly?"
Let me know if the print you are ordering is a gift and being shipped directly to the recipient. In this case I will not include the packing slip, and will include a gift card if you like with some words from you.

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Image Licenses

"I'm writing a book and one or more of your images would be perfect for it. Can images be licensed?"
Absolutely. The price will be dependent on the scope of the project or application.

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Return Policy

"What if I donít like the print? What is your return policy?"

You can return the print(s) for any reason. It is  a completely hassle-free return policy, and I will pay return shipping charges. But what is the time limit? Letís say six months.
You can also return a print in exchange for a different print. In other words, I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely happy with your order. Period.

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